G.M. Cooper

G.M. Cooper
English language teacher/crammer

Native Englishman, 30 years TEFL experience, online and in person. Highly professional, online English language classes for English language learners of all levels.

All aspects of the English language undertaken by professional English language instructor from England.

Whether you want to learn English or find yourself in a situation where you have to learn English,  need an important document proofread or you are preparing for an important exam, I can help you quickly and efficiently. If you want a better understanding of grammar or want to build  your vocabulary, and as a result become a more fluent and confident speaker of English, I can help you. Whatever it is that you require in connection with the English language, I can probably help you with it. I also speak Hungarian and Dutch so, feel free to contact me in either of those languages, too. I have been involved with TEFL for around 30 years now, so you will be in good hands. 

I have 2 mottoes: "Keep it simple" and "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication";  learning a language does not have to be difficult or laborious, but can be easy, enjoyable and rewarding.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to drop me a line.